As we experience life, we become so engaged in our goals, we grow and tackle new opportunities and prioritize our ongoing responsibilities in life. Too often we lose focus of how we stand, sit, walk, lay down, or how we manipulate our bodies to do or not do certain tasks. If we sit on the couch in weird position, stand with our hips to the side too often, or sit in front of the computer with our shoulders slouched forward, our muscles can undergo tissue trauma just by repeatedly placing them in stressful positions. It is important to become aware of our own little quirks that we often do daily. Often times we will try to stretch ourselves but will limit the extent of the stretch due to shooting pains or proper form is lacking.

Soft Tissue Release (STR) has many benefits other than increasing your flexibility and performance throughout the day. It reduces soreness and trigger point sensitivity, improves tissue recovery, prevents injuries, and decreases overall stress on the human movement system.






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